Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mock Interview: Safety

If I was asked in an interview, "How do you deal with safety in the classroom?"

I would answer something like this:

In my classroom, all safety precautions would be listed on various posters throughout the classroom. After so long, posters do blend in with the rest of the room, so I would make sure to go over each specific safety precautions in each lesson plan. A demonstration of how to use materials, when to use the safety equipment and when to engage in other safety activities like fire drills and so on. I would always make sure to brush up on the school's safety procedures and precautions as well as allowing my students to understand the special safety precautions for them as art students.

By doing a thorough safety run through in the introductory portion of the class, I would make sure that each student knew where everything was located, where do go in case of an emergency and so on. A small quiz would be a great way to judge if the students understood all of the information or not.

Logging hazardous supplies and keeping them in a safe area would be a great idea for myself, and my colleagues. Labeling everything would be key to safety. Color coded labels for certain materials would also be helpful, and easily integrated into the art classroom.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mock Interview Question

Mock Interview Question - from an Administrator of a school district.

"If I am a student in your art class, what can I expect to see or do on the first day?"

My answer geared toward a secondary learning environment:

If you were a student in my class, on the first day I would first introduce myself and give a little personal information as well as information about the class I am teaching. I would question the students on their expectations for the class and what they hope to learn over the course of the year. I would want the students to get to know each other by introducing themselves. The students would engage in a sketching activity geared to show me where they are at in their drawing skills. The last fifteen minutes of class would be used for introducing the first official lesson plan, to allow the students to leave with the urge to find inspirations and ideas for the assignment.

The assignment would be something like the this lesson plan I wrote about in a curriculum map last semester:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Journey to Art Education

Although I have an About Me section on this blog, I haven't quite shared the journey I have taken to where I am today in my college career as an Art Education major. 

I came into UW-Stout as an undecided major with a Graphic Design intent. This intent allowed me to take the art courses that I needed while still being "undecided". I was advised to apply for the Art Education program after a semester of college. After Art Education 108, Introduction to Art Education, I began to realize that I had passions in my life that I had yet to discover. Although I have always had a passion for art and creating, I uncovered a hidden passion for working with others, especially young people. I realized that I was being pointed in a direction to teach others how creativity can positively influence one's life.

I am determined to inspire young people to find their personalities, ambitions and dreams through art. As a teacher, I know that I will be able to positively influence lives by broadening young minds and shaping productive citizens of society. 

An "About Me" Wordle, from www.wordle.net
I will be student teaching next spring, and cannot wait to see where I am located during that experience. I am on track to graduate in just one year and am getting very anxious to see where life will take me! I have dreams of obtaining my masters degree, teaching in Alaska, coaching a varsity volleyball team, owning my own studio and gallery, and selling my professional and handmade arts. 

No matter which direction I am pointed to, my ultimate goal is to pass on the knowledge that I have about the arts, sports, faith, and life to others. I aspire to be an inspiration to my students, friends, colleagues and family. I will one day be a successful teacher, artist, coach, wife, and mother. I cannot wait to see where God takes me, but until then, I’ll be taking it each day at a time, constantly striving for happiness.

Until I can truly pursue these dreams full time, I'll be in Art Education 308, and blogging about the entire experience! 

Art Education 308

Last semester I spent over fifteen hours in an elementary school working with Ms. M. This semester, I have a new class that will allow me to work with a new teacher in a secondary education environment. I am so happy to be continuing this blog from my Art Education 208 class into my Art Education 308 class. This class encompasses everything related to teaching in an art classroom, and prepares us for student teaching! I plan to be student teaching in the spring of 2013, and have already submitted my application for my Benchmark II interview and student teaching placement! All of my new posts will include my new experiences as an art education student, and an observer in the art education classroom. I can't wait to get into the classroom and have some hands-on experience with the students again.