Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Student Teacher Speaker Mr. K

Today we had a recent student teacher and graduate visit us in class. It was great to hear his about his student teaching experience. He had some great insights as well as advice and even some lesson plans to share with us! He graduated with a double major in Art Education and Graphic Design in December, and has been subbing and applying for teaching positions for this fall ever since. He is very savvy with technology and has a very calm demeanor, which I can tell would benefit him as a teacher! He was very personable and easy to listen to. I'm excited to see where he ends up!

The following is what I found the most important information he had to offer us! Please enjoy!

  • Don't set your expectations too high, take the experience as it comes!
  • Learn from your mistakes and failures, don't underestimate the power of reflection!
  • Plan all summer long for lesson plans and ideas, archive!
  • Take a ton of pictures and videos
  • Use a webcam and rig it up to be a doc cam to use for demonstrations (great idea)
  • Always make sure your CT is with you when you address or discipline students privately
  • Get to know each student and each class to reach them best
  • Follow the cooperating teacher's rules. Don't implement your own (this is your chance to get some new ideas and see what works for you!)
  • Talk to students at their level, kneel, bend down if you have to
  • Use your time to practice interviewing after graduation
  • Use the question, "What does the community think about your art program?" to ask principals after interviews (gives you a sense of budget, approval by community and job security in one!)
     I really enjoyed what Mr. K had to say. He had so much information and advice for us! It was amazing to hear his experience, especially because he had a bit of a rocky start with one of his cooperating teachers, and he handled himself professionally and respectfully, which I admire! 
I can't wait to student teach!