Here is a list of great links for different resources, they are all definitely very helpful and interesting!

Education Community: - A great place to search for information on education and other curriculums, I found some very nice articles on this website for classroom assignments in some of my college ArtEd classes.

Lesson Plans and Student Artwork: - A link for written lesson plan ideas that can be altered to better fit your classroom. I noticed this link has a lot of "design" orientation, with less fine arts ideas for upper levels in the art category. - An online museum of student's art work from K-9 - A great place to go for full lesson plans, some with documents attached as resources, pictures of student artwork, and revisions. This site very helpful!  - A great place to search and to find lesson ideas for any age range and level.  - Multicultural lesson planning made easy!

Online Art Education Community: -Anything and everything relating to education in the arts!  - A blog of an art teacher who also went to Stout  - A site that I follow on Twitter, it has some fun articles and things to read about!

See the AMAZING Summer Camp I work at: - Basically a summer lover's dream, not to mention their Awesome Arts and Crafts Director!

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