Students' Art Gallery

Here are some of the photos of the work that was done by the students at the elementary school I am student teaching at! Spring 2013:

Here are some photos of the work that was done by the students in the elementary school that I observed at in the fall of 2011:

These are the first grade alien landscapes on display:

 I believe this is a fourth grade project, my partner and I don't work with the fourth grade, but they did a great job!

These rocket ships with stamped stars in the background is a kindergarten project, we aren't around this class, but I loved the idea!

The fifth graders are also working with contour lines and coloring the lines to make fun shapes

 The fifth graders were finishing up their last jungle project: Masks

 This is the constructive line project that the first graders were working on:

This was the end product with the tape peeled off!

Also a first grade project, their finished crocodiles!

 As a sixth grade project, they were working on jungle landscapes: