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Hi! My name is Andi W, and if you have read my profile page on my sidebar, you already know that I am an undergrad student at UW Stout and I have a major in Art Education with a minor in coaching. I cannot wait to be an art teacher and a volleyball coach in the near future! I plan on graduating in May of 2013 after my student teaching experience this spring

I think of myself as friendly and personable, and I love working with others, whether they are children, peers, students, or elders. I enjoy anything creative, from fine art to drama productions and arts and crafts, re-furbishing antiques, sewing and anything with tacky glue. I love volleyball. I have played the sport since I was ten years old. I played at the college level here at Stout as an outside hitter and a defensive specialist and loved my time on the team. I received two spirit awards and a Blue Devil award as well as captained the team. It was a great experience and taught me a lot as a coach and teacher. Because I had a health scare last may May (a pulmonary embolism) and recurring blood clots under extenuating circumstances that led to a severe leg wound, I find everyday and every experience to be a blessing. Now I am just looking forward to the future and loving every minute of it, something my parents taught me as well.

My wonderful parents have been together for almost thirty years and they are definitely my rock, along with my older sister. I think my amazing family has helped me to become the person I am today, and I am very thankful and blessed to be so close to them! I cannot wait to make them the parents and sibling of a professional artist and teacher! My fiancee' and I are currently planning our wedding for July 27th, 2013 and I couldn't be any more excited.

One day I hope to be an art teacher (any grade, any school, anywhere in Wisconsin), a volleyball coach (varsity head coach!), a mother and a wife. I am enjoyed all of my time at Stout and am very eager for the world ahead of me! This is going to be a great year!

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  1. Hi Andy. It was nice going through your blog, and you are really doing a good Job. Wish you good luck and may God bring you your dream day very soon. Also I would like to add after going through your profile and blog, that I too would be happy to work with you, as by doing so my childhood days will become fresh in my memories. I am a Computer engineer and currently I am running my small web development company. My gmail Id is opalweb.saurabh@gmail.com
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    Hope you will enjoy it.
    I will be waiting for your revert.