Thursday, March 1, 2012

Micro teaching

A few weeks back, my class wrote lesson plans to share and teach to our peers. I adapted a lesson plan that I found on and loved it. It was a kindergarten printmaking assignment that incorporated reading and a Smart Board activity. I hope to get a chance to teach this to the children in my classroom someday! Here are some pictures from the experience! Thanks to Jen from Draw The Line At for the inspiration, and the advice on paper size etc.

Here was the finished product! What a cute peacock.

 We used large marshmallows for the peacock feathers and little marshmallows for the "eye" of the feather. Our hand in the form of a "C" was the peacock body! It was fun to make, even being 21 years old, I can't imagine how much a 5 year old would love it.
The smart board activity was a memory match up game with pictures of real peacocks.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Beyond cute! So glad you were able to use it, I know you will make a great teacher!